In 1996, in the research department of Valbopan, SA factory, in Famalicão da Nazaré, a research project is started to develop and improve wood-based products already on the market.

In 1998, a unique and innovative product is developed. Wood-based, with colour throughout the thickness and specific features of physical and mechanical resistance: Valchromat is born.

Valchromat is launched in Paris during the Approfal fair.
Valbopan, SA is awarded with the 1st prize of Product Introduction and 1st Prize for Technological Innovation.

Since then, this product has been subjected to several industrial tests which enabled it to reach the state of maturity where it is today. In cooperation with manufacturers, architects and technicians, the economic, technical and aesthetic benefits of its use have clearly been demonstrated.

Currently, as a result of an exceptional commitment to promote it among architects, designers, decorators and carpenters, Valchromat is present in the four corners of the world, with an extensive network of distributors.