Environmental Concerns

Valchromat may be recycled and our plant is licensed for this purpose.Whenever available, postindustrial pine woodchips (waste from pine sawmills, from wood pallets, etc.) are used in Valchromat’s production.

FSC® C101993 and PEFC
Our plant holds Chain of Custody certificate to supply FSC® C101993 or PEFC certified Valchromat by request.

Organic Dyes
Only organic dyes are used to produce Valchromat.

Valchromat may be supplied CARB 2 certified. This certificate assures formaldehyde emissions are below 0,11ppm.

Formaldehyde emissions are within the lowest limits set by European standards for wood-based materials.

Manufacturing without waste
Valchromat’s production is aimed at reducing, or even eliminating, environmental impact. All waste and bark resulting from the process is re-used to fuel the steam boiler.

Self-sufficiency on thermal energy
The plant generates enough biomass to sustain its thermal energy requirements, without burning any fossil fuels.