Romfisk, Bodil Reinhardsen and Gro Lauvland, Norway, 2011

Romfisk is a concept of furniture making conceived by the Norwegian architects Bodil Reinhardsen and Gro Lauvland.

The romfisk furniture is made of Valchromat in four different colours: red, blue green and black. The tables, stools, shelves, bed and cradle are precisely cut on a CNC-machine and then puzzled together, without using nails or glue.

The architects Bodil Reinhardsen and Gro Lauvland further state, "Our Idea is to produce environmentally friendly furniture. The colouring process used by Valchromat, gives us the choice not to paint the furniture after making. The cutting and puzzling principle makes it possible to flat pack our furniture and also to join the elements together quicker then any other furniture."

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